Yggdrasil: Part II, Exodus

The action of the Yggdrasil saga takes place during the period of the Paleolithic earth, among mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and Neanderthals, as well as in the distant future, in which humanity faces an unequal battle with the enemy who seems to be stronger in every respect. The will to survive is a powerful weapon, and the humankind turns out to be a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.
The second volume of the Yggdrasil Saga, entitled Exodus, follows the fate of Eric Ericson, the son of Eric Victorious, and the Slavic Swietoslaw, who found himself in the prehistoric era as a result of an experiment of the scientists from the thirtieth century. The effect of their experiment got out of control. Besides the battle with the wilderness and its inhabitants, the young warrior must face the artificial intelligence sent from the depth of space. This event will be a beginning of humanity’s new path, and its next stages of cosmic battles, destroyed galaxies and … unexpected allies. Thanks to the latter, the chances of survival will increase, but only a little.

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