Yggdrasil: Part I, Strings of Time

What if modern people would be torn out of the safe embrace of civilization? Is mind alone a weapon effective enough to provide at least a chance of survival in the primal environment, at the time when the biggest and most dangerous predator is not a human at all? Are we the only rational beings in the universe?

Yggdrasil, The strings of time describes the struggles of several dozen people accidentally transferred to the Middle Paleolithic period, where they face huge herds of reindeer, wild horses, dragons and much more. They wander through the snow-covered plains of today’s Europe. Mammoths had no adversaries, except for primitive and poorly armed hunters, for whom hunting was not a sport, but a struggle for survival, during which the difference between the hunter and his victim was blurred.

Along with the villagers, a small group of Vikings, mercenaries, whom Thor put to the hardest test on the way to Valhalla.

Not only these random emissaries of civilization, but all humanity faces a great danger.

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