Wichman, The Fall: Part III

Year 967. September. West Pomerania. The army of heathens and mercenaries led by Wichman crosses River Odra with the intention of assaulting the country of Polish Prince, Mieszko.

Mieszko crosses the Warta River and waits for the enemy at the place chosen to fight the battle. Both leaders realize their military capabilities, but the Prince intends to surprise his opponent. When it comes to battle, heavily armed Graph?s troupe initially prevails. The Polish infantry retreats and the already sure of victory Saxon phalanx is unexpectedly attacked from behind by armored cavalry. The surprised branches of the renegades have no choice but retreat…

In the last part of the trilogy, Wichman, all the riddles are solved. Good and evil will face each other for the last time.
We?ll find out who sold his soul to the devil? Who was the demon of the tower, guilty of mass murders? Who will ultimately win??

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