White Peak & Other Stories

The White Peak by Ivan Efremov is a marvel of a book, a brilliant example for anybody who is looking to understand voice, concision, humor, the passage of time, and how to convey storytelling passion lightly. Here is the collection of our best short stories by Ivan Efremov. We do think that the written evidence of a good writer?s mind is exhilarating and fortifying and can sharpen one?s interest?and if you want to read spectacularly graceful distillations of spectacularly intense, complex, ephemeral experience, you could hardly do better than stories in Ivan Efremov?s The White Peak. The White Peak is a collection of stories from all corners of the globe, including: 1. The White Peak 2. The Nur-I-Desht Observatory 3. A Cove of Iridescent Jets 4. Olgoi-Khorkhoy 5. The Journey of Baurjed 6. Yurt of the Crow 7. The Last Marseilles 8. Hell Fire

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