Voice of Silence (Bergfoss Saga Book 11)

After Anette loses the baby, she and Ulf decide to start a new life. She resigns as minister and moves out of Fredly. Amidst all their grief and sorrow, they find peace and safety together.

Asbjorn Olsen, brother of Arve and Alex, moves back home to Bergfoss. He arrives with his wife, Sylvia, and their twin daughters, Elsa and Inga. What no one knows is that Sylvia carries a dark secret she can?t reveal to anyone, especially not Asbjorn.

At Vigdis and Jorn?s home, their ordinary Saturday night takes an unexpected turn. Jens, Jorn?s fifteen-year-old brother, arrives outside their door with a young girl clinging to his hand, a girl with long black hair, golden skin, and huge, frightened eyes.

?This is Samira,? Jens explained. ?We got married this morning.?

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title Taushetens tale (Livet i Bergfoss #11). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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