Viking Queens IV: Ingerid

With the hand of a master wordsmith, Frid Ingulstad guides the reader nearly a thousand years into the past. Where the sources are silent, she calls on her imagination to fill the gaps, with ideas both realistic and plausible. Much has changed since the time when the daughters of kings lived, loved, and suffered ? both in terms of the law, views on human dignity, and in the everyday lives of women everywhere. But, people remain the same, ruled by passions and urges, love and hatred.

Oslo Royal Court, Fall of 1069.

Brigida arrived in Norway with king Olaf Haraldsson as his concubine. Olaf is now resolving to marry Ingerid, Danish crown princess, to secure peace through the marriage. Ingerid, accustomed to men?s desirous stares, doesn?t understand why Olaf draws away from her. Unhappy, she decides to win his love, however, she doesn?t know anything about her dangerous rival. Meanwhile, Brigida is prepared to ask evil powers for help, just so Ingerid doesn?t bear the king a rightful son?

Originally published in Norwegian by the Cappelen Damm Agency as Ingerid (Kongsdotrene #4). Translated to English and republished here with permission of both author and original publisher.

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