Viking Queens III: Maria

With skilled hand, Frid Ingulstad, takes us nearly a thousand years back in time. Where the sources are silent, the imagination is called on to help – with the proviso that events are plausible. Much has changed since the king’s daughters lived, loved and suffered – both laws and views on human dignity and on women?s life. But people remain the same, ruled by passions and urges, hatred and love.

Oslo, Summer 1064. Maria Haraldsd?ttir inherited not only her mother?s beauty, but her independent, rebellious nature as well. She fights to defend the passionate love between her and Kjetil, one of her father?s court guards, even though King Harald wants to force her to marry his vassal. Frightened, Ellisiv watches her daughter taking on increasing risks. If Harald discovers the truth, Kjetil will have to part with his life?

Originally published in Norwegian by the Cappelen Damm Agency as Maria (Kongsdotrene #3). Translated to English and republished here with permission of both author and original publisher.

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