Vampire League 1

Sinclair “Never” Radhjaleah, Dideric “Theo” de Janville, Gerard Phil and Augusta Monteloupi are a unique team of mercenaries. Solving problems, usually reported by vampires or other unusual creatures, and sometimes by people, they travel around different countries, often getting involved in paranormal matters. They seem to be created for this kind of task. Men are vampires, and their companion – a werewolf, not always able to control the overwhelming impulse, ordering her to turn into a dog. PART 1 – The Dance Macabre The famous cinema and theater actor, Gerard Phil, has no idea that the surgery he had recently undergone failed. He thinks he’s getting better while the illness is inevitably killing him. The mysterious night guest reveals the truth to him, while offering him the opportunity to cheat death. The stunned actor agrees to become a vampire, although he is not quite aware of the consequences of this step. Together with new friends – Sinclair “Never” Radhjaleah and Theo called Fronda – enters a whole new world… PART 2 – The Mystery of Stonehenge Three undead friends and their new companion, the werewolf Oggy, help the young actor. He was taken by Vampire Hunters as one of them and is in great danger. After dealing with this task, they set off to England on the call from the former friend of Theo. Great Britain turns out to be a deadly trap … PART 3 – The Empty Wings Gerard, suffering from memory loss, escapes his companions and wanders around the world for many years. Only meeting with Vandis Winger, an Angel introducing himself as a private investigator, helps him recover. Together with a new friend he finds old companions. Grateful for the help provided, they investigate with Vinger the Satanist sect.
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