The School For Wives

Julia is freshly divorced. Very freshly. Exactly twenty-five hours and seven minutes. She?s just celebrating her divorce with her friends at a bar when she wins a business card lottery, and the main prize is a mysterious invitation to a luxury spa with a peculiar name?The list of items they can take with them to the School for Wives is limited to a toothbrush, and one pair of underwear. Julia has nothing to lose, since she?s given up on love and everything else life has to offer, so she decides to go. She and couple of other ordinary women head out for the adventure of a lifetime at the amazingly luxurious spa. They stay there for 3 weeks, and when they return, nothing is how it was before. Now, no man will ever leave them again.Love can be the most beautiful feeling in the world, but it has flaws. Sometimes it disappears for one partner, while it?s still in full bloom for the other. Betrayal happens when the heat cools off, when one of the sides starts getting bored. Betrayal turns the simple and beautiful into something very complex. Questions arise, like ?what does she have, that I don?t have?? Betrayal turns the most wonderful relationship toxic. Many women choose to end it then and there, only to tumble into a void of desolation and emptiness, while others struggle to pretend that nothing happened. For some women, betrayal is the end of the world. All those women have one thing in common: they need a place to recover, to heal their wounded souls, a place to lick their wounds, get a grip on themselves, and learn to believe in their own strength and personal charm again. A place where they can be reborn and spread their wings again. Is there such a place? Perhaps not in the real world, but Magdalena Witkiewicz creates one within the pages of The School For Wives!

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