The Road to Navia

A Pole ? Alek Bielski, Afghan war veteran. Russians, Misha Asyenevich, Moscow?s militia officer, and Xenia Morozova, (not) a regular girl. The trio?s fates seemingly have nothing in common at first, intertwine due to mysterious world?s intrigue. A world regular people don?t realize still exists. Xenia, Misha and Alek become toys in gods? hands, who, for centuries, planned the intrigue, which is supposed to transform domination in modern world. Will Perun be able to rule over gods and human worlds? Whose side is Svetovid on? Or maybe they?ll all meet in Navia, Veles? underground kingdom?A little bit of humor, a lot of strong and fast action, unconventional heroes, social affairs, the image of Russia and the first novel that extended the vision of Slavonic fantasy set into the 21st century.Once the gods come up with a plan, you have no choice, and have to dance the way they want you to?or do you?

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