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The Malediction Academy: Lesson One: Never Curse Your Lord Director

Laying a curse your own director comes at very high risk, especially using a tenth-level curse without knowing what the consequences might be. If you are a simple adept at the Academy of Malediction and he is the most powerful lord in all the Dark Empire, laying such curse may be an incredibly foolish thing to do.

But this is exactly what Adept Riatte does in a desperate attempt to avoid expulsion, inadvertently placing this curse upon the Lord Director himself, Master Rian T?er, which triggers a whole string of strange events into motion.

Why are Master T?er and Lord Sheider Meros making strange advances to her? Is she responsible for lethal curses mysteriously affecting the locals in her town of Ardam? And adding to the chaos, a serial killer has also moved into the Borderlands ? stalking only victims that look just like you ? who is he?

If you could, in theory, escape the murderer, there was still no imaginable way to escape Master T’er! The Dark Lords always get what they want, in the end.

Settle back to enjoy a fast-paced drama, peppered with humor, set in a magical world full of Master Mages, struggling Adepts, rivalries, trolls, dragons, goblins, and other wizardry.

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