The Heretic Queen – Volume I

The Heretic Queen is set in sixteenth century London, with all its luxurious palaces and run-down homes, suspicious dark alleys, and seedy pubs and inns. Elizabeth Tudor is the daughter of Henry the VIII, destined from birth to become the Queen of England one day. When she finally comes to power, her supporters and confidants rise along with her, including the handsome Lord Robert Dudley. The Heretic Queen presents a dramatized fictional account of the first two decades of Elizabeth?s reign. Was Elizabeth?s reign really her own? There was no place for women in that world of men, not even for ones as intelligent and educated as Henry?s daughter. The court plotted and raged around her, seeking any way to weaken the monarch?s position. The Heretic Queen follows Elizabeth?s adventures ? and misadventures ? as she matures into her crown, and into her legendary love affair with Lord Dudley.Running parallel to the story of England?s greatest queen is the tale of Philip Orphan, a mysterious actor who managed to con his way into the good graces of the queen and her lover alike. It seems innocent enough at first, but it is soon revealed that his intentions are anything but pure. Who is he, and what plans does he have for the young queen?

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