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The Exile: The Chronicles of Sand

Rashid Al’Tihamah is one of many warriors in the service of the Sheikh, although his ancestors belonged to the most distinguished families of Al’Qir and became famous in their struggle with rebels, demons and desert beasts. Now their glory is only reminded of the blood heritage of Rashid, a gift that makes him command the air geniuses to assist him in battle.

Meanwhile, the twenty first prophet is called by the heavens, and at the same time someone begins to murder his sages and scholars. On the day when a friend asks Rashid to help solve the mystery of one of the killings, his life changes forever. Each dark secret leads to another, and finally Rashid is on the verge of discovering that will sweep away everything he is used to believing. Why did the prophet secretly send an expedition to the edge of the Forgotten Land just before leaving?

Where do the black killers who chase after his followers come from? Who is the mysterious figure whose orders both the priests and the forage at risk obey? Answers to these questions will cost dear Al’Tihamah and everyone who will follow him.

The Chronicles of Sand are inspired by Islamic culture and the world of the desert, neatly combining fantastic themes with a criminal, adventurous plot.

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