The Confession (Original Sin) (Volume 3)

The Original Sin Saga is the product of best-selling author Anne-Lise Boge, and follows the dramatic life of Mali Buvik in early twentieth century Norway. A peasant girl born on a small, struggling farm, Mali dreams of finding true love in a world where so few women are allowed to follow their hearts. Her family?s farm is failing, though, and she is forced to marry the son of a wealthy landowner to save her family from a life of poverty ? or worse. After a short but sensuous affair with a handsome gypsy, Mali has found herself the mother of an unexpected blessing in the form of her son, Little-Silvert. Thanks to her cleverness and stubborn will, she has managed to convince her abusive husband that the child is his, and finally begins to see a side of Johan that she didn?t know existed: a man who is capable of love and tenderness, all the things he?s never shown her.Life continues in the valley, for some at least. Not so long after she lost a friend in childbirth, Mali?s pregnant sister, Margarethe, begins to show signs of dangerous complications. As if those potentially-deadly complications weren?t bad enough, she goes into labour in the coldest January anyone can remember.Being born in January is a death sentence for all but the most robust children of the valley ? but the women are born tough on Buvika farmstead, and they won?t let something as small as a lethal blizzard stand in their way.Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title Betroelsen (Arvesynd, #3). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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