Tears of Ice: Bergfoss Saga 16

Three strangers have arrived in Bergfoss, seeking refuge: A young woman fleeing from danger with her child, and an old man in search of his long-lost past. They soon discover that their fates are intertwined.

Ulf has every reason to be proud of the success of his business, Bergfoss Auto, but several of his employees are battling with personal demons.

Asbjorn and Sylvia receive bad news from their doctor, and Asbjorn swears revenge on whoever brought this ill fate down upon them.

Theo, so successful at work and at home, wrestles with a dark secret. One evening, when Ulrica is passing by his workroom, she overhears him arguing on the phone. His voice was so loud that she couldn?t help but overhear. It sounded like a warning? or a threat.

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