Suspicions (Original Sin)

The Original Sin Saga is the product of best-selling author Anne-Lise Boge and follows the dramatic life of Mali Buvik in early twentieth century Norway.

Love blossoms between Mali and her new husband, H?vard, as the farm settles into a comfortable routine. Sivert?s musical prowess continues to develop, and he looks more and more like his biological father every day. The gypsies visit again, and Mali fears that Jo?s sister will finally make the connection about her son?s true paternity.
Meanwhile, Margrethe falls pregnant yet again, and Mali fears it might be her last.
In the wake of the passing of H?vard?s mother, his terrible father remarries, but that does nothing to stop him from picking away at Mali?s secret ? until, one day, he goes too far. Will Mali finally have a chance to get revenge on the evil old man, or is it she who will be punished for her sins?

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