Sultana Kosem: The Black Queen (Magnificent Century)

Part 2 of a series, which inspired the hit TV series ‘Magnificent Century: Sultana Kosem.’

The prophecy Anastasia heard years ago from a blind beggar, was just fulfilled, and a common harem paramour has finally become the powerful Sultan Ahmed I?s second wife. However, the young queen?s happiness doesn’t last long as she battles for supremacy against the Sultan’s first wife and son. She only seems to be able to give the Sultan many daughters, while he waits for a son from her, another heir to the throne.
Set against the background of the Ottoman Empire as it is waning down, in the face of numerous Janissary uprisings that shake the country and overthrow the Sultans, the Court is full of enemies who conspire against each other and against her.
What seemed at first, like a dream come true, becomes a curse.
Mahpeyker Kosem pits her wits against a powerful patriarchy structure and suspects that she’ll have to pay a high price for the power she desired so much.

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