Sultana Kosem: In The Harem (Magnificent Century Book 1)

Sultana K?sem ? In the Harem, is the first in a series of novels which inspired the hit TV series ?The Magnificent Century.?
Follow the struggle for power and love intrigues at the Sultan?s court, and a ready-for-anything young Greek girl, an angel and demon all in one, who finds herself kidnapped and eventually sold into the Sultan?s harem when she was barely fifteen. From then on, she was supposed to be one of the Sultan?s harem slaves.

However, fate decides differently. Ahmed I?s grandmother notices her unusual beauty, charm, and intelligence and the Sultana takes the young country girl under her wing, to prepare her for the part she once played.

Ultimately, the subjects will call her The Black Queen, but for Sultan Ahmed I, she was his Mahpeyker ? ?Dearest Moon.? But deep within, she remains Anastasia, a simple girl from one of the Greek Isles.

Anastasia becomes the most powerful woman in the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan?s wife. As Sultana Mahpeyker K?sem, she challenges palace intrigues, has to be always vigilant of her enemies, as well as be wary of death and treason hiding behind every corner.

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