Star Children: Consciousness

Imagine that the world and the life you have seen and known so far was only a substitute for what it can and should be! And who you are and what you do here is much more important than you thought so far. What would happen if all the previously concealed knowledge concerning the history of the earth and human civilization was opened to you?
Could this knowledge influence how you view the world? Would it awaken your long-dormant consciousness? What if you found out what the future hides and how much it depends on each of us? A If I told you how much power you have in you to create reality.
What hidden and long-stolen abilities do you carry within you without even knowing it. Would it even tempt you to look inside? To the book, to your own interior… If you don’t know yet… you have a chance to find out. Come let me tell you the truth… Let me take you to a world without secrets…

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