Song of Immandra

Welcome to the magical realm of Sinead. Times are hard, a curse is upon the land. Gnome, fairy and human communities are in turmoil. Reindeer Keep Village sends her bravest warriors to accomplish a dangerous task. Many have foughtagainst the Lords of Darkness. Nobody has ever succeed.Sian Stillwater and his companions journey to Darknoor to conquer evil. Immandra Stillwater, his soulmate, remains in the village. Time passes and there is no word from Darknoor. Something terrible must have happened to Sian. Immandra embarks upon the quest to find and save her beloved. There are seven deathly trials awaiting her along the way which only the purest love, the strongest desire, the bravest heart can withstand. The sacrifice she has to make to accomplish her goal is beyond measure. Yet love proves to be the strongest weapon of all.

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