Queen of Sheba: King Solomon’s Song of Songs

The powerful ruler of the ancient, stupendously rich land of Sheba, has been igniting our imagination for centuries.Who was she? What connected her to Solomon, considered the wisest ruler of the ancient world? Was she a co-author of the Song of Songs? Who was the father of her only son who stole the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem, and whose descendants ruled in Ethiopia in the last century?Love lasting longer than time, the legendary temple of Solomon, priestesses of the Goddess, magical rituals, wars, conspicuous riches, caravans gliding through the desert, myrrh and incense, mighty fighting gods and their followers, in the world we know from the Old Testament. Finally … predictions of the Queen of Sheba – how many of them have already been fulfilled and how did the queen know what would happen in the future?The author, Ewa Kassala, after a series of novels about the great queens of ancient Egypt, invites you to the world of extraordinary women who shaped the fate of humanity, known to us from the Old Testament. “Queen of Sheba” is the first novel from this series.

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