Nostalgia: Bergfoss Saga 15

The winds of nostalgia blow across the Alps into Bergfoss. Fate brings joy to some, and misery to others, while a select few remain blissfully ignorant of the pain just around the corner.Grete torments herself with guilt over the accident in Kongsfjell, which cost her the love of her life. Why does love have to be so blind? And why didn?t she see that The One had been right there all that time, in front of her very eyes?Janne has become a father. His love for little Nita fills his heart in a way that he?s never experienced before. Does he still have room in there for Lise? She begs him for answers, trying to figure out how this will affect their relationship. A thousand questions fill her mind, but no answers. She had been prepared for the worst, but she?d never imagined it could be this bad.

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