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Mysterious Artifacts – The Enigmas of Antiquity

Archaeologists, historians, and anthropologists study artifacts, i.e. monuments that are made by human hands. One can say a lot about others, others hide fascinating secrets. There are also finds definitely not matching the image of history established by science. They seem to be far ahead of the era in which they were made, or the purpose of their creation is a mystery. Sometimes, they have something in common with ancient myths and legends. They are an intellectual challenge – they provoke scientists as well as lovers of world secrets to formulate surprising hypotheses.

Tadeusz Oszubski describes unusual archeological and anthropological discoveries of recent years. He presents scientific theories related to them, often contradictory, but he does not take sides with journalistic objectivity. However, he raises questions that may be the key answers to understanding human history.
«Good mood, pure and simple. Anyone who is not happy with that is beyond help»


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