Moonlight Dance (Original Sin) (Volume 5)

The Original Sin Saga is the product of best-selling author Anne-Lise Boge, and follows the dramatic life of Mali Buvik in early twentieth century Norway.

A peasant girl born on a small, struggling farm, Mali dreams of finding true love in a world where so few women are allowed to follow their hearts. Her family?s farm is failing, though, and she is forced to marry the son of a wealthy landowner to save her family from a life of poverty ? or worse.

In the wake of Johan?s untimely death, Mali finds herself in a position she?d never dreamed would be hers: she is now the sole mistress of Stornes. For the first time in her life, she is truly in control of her own destiny, and that is not a thing she?s going to give up willingly.

Within days, Mali finds herself attracting the eye of men across the valley, men who crave both her farm and her body. Mali has learned just how painful marriage can be, though, and she refuses to submit herself to a man again. The problem is, her body still craves the love and pleasure that Gypsy Jo had once given her, even if it?s only for one night.

Recently hired as the farm manager of Stornes, H?vard Gjelstad has been in love with Mali since long before she became mistress of Stornes, and he is more than happy to help her scratch that itch she just can?t reach. The problem is, such itches often have consequences, be they emotional, social, or physical. Will Mali choose to brave her shame publicly, or will she agree to the one thing she swore she?d never let happen to her again?

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title M?neskinnsdansen (Arvesynd, #5). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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