Maria’s House (Bergfoss Saga Book 13)

In Kitzb?hel, Austria, Maria Lanner sits with a photograph in her hand. She?s always suspected that she might have a grandchild in Norway, but only now does she know for sure. Her husband, Rudi, has just died, leaving Maria with a hotel chain, a massive fortune, and some very painful memories.

That was the way Rudi had always been. He?d hidden so much from her, even the fact that she had a grandchild! He?d refused to even acknowledge his own flesh and blood. It was almost too much for her to bear. She stared in vain at that photograph, with eyes that were red-rimmed and sore from weeping, but not from mourning her husband. No, she was so angry at him. He couldn?t even give her this one little joy! Of all the wounds he?d inflicted upon her over the years, this was by far the worst.

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