Mana: The Magic Beyond the Rainbow

Along the misty slopes of Na Pali Cliffs, a rainbow glistens over a hidden valley. From the ancient Hawaiian legends to this day, the Islanders believe that there is a mysterious race of little people inhabiting the remote parts of Kauai. They live there away from the civilization of modern men, fearing man’s aggressiveness and his greed. Therefore only at night do these Menehune come out to work and play, but quickly disappear when daylight brightens the forest. So elusive are they that only a very few people have had a good look at them. Only their little voices in the night, whispering in a strange dialect, announce their presence. One day, a stranger stumbles into their valley. Robbie is on vacation in Hawaii. He has chosen the natural beauty of Kauai as a place to escape from the strain and trials of big city life. He?s worked hard, and now he deserves a little freedom and adventure. The lush, tropical Na Pali valleys seem to be the ideal spot for a campsite. No crowded freeways, no parking tickets, but most of all, no crowds of people. Just peace and quiet. Los Angeles seems like a million miles away.A chance meeting is soon to happen. After a few nights in the valley, on a moonlit evening, one curious Menehune approaches the campsite. Is Robbie’s imagination playing tricks on him? Or is he perhaps experiencing something very special that will change his life forever? The stage is set for an adventure and fantasy-based Mana.After Robbie overcomes his initial surprise, his summer vacation, quite unexpectedly, changes into a challenging experience. Lacking survival skills, he would have died a dozen times if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of his new found Menehune friend, Alopaka. Lost in lava tubes, zooming through the rain forest, learning the principles of “Mana”, the Life Force, Robbie is having the time of his life. He will never be the same again, after he learns some of the Menehune?s well-kept secrets. Only after his return to civilization, however, does he fully realize how much he?s changed. He can hear people’s thoughts, know their hidden motives and learn their darkest secrets. It is a terrifying experience.Needless to say, he doesn’t fit into his old lifestyle. Robbie withdraws from the world. He can’t stand having shallow people around him.One day, Robbie and his friend are caught in a traffic jam. The freeway is full of rushing, irritated people. A brutal encounter takes place, and Rob’s friend gets shot. He dies in Robbie’s arms. Robbie has had enough. He wants to go back to Kauai. He wants to help the Menehune protect their land. Who else could be their spokesman, their ambassador to the outside world? “Star Wars” launching projects, hydroelectric and geothermal systems, violate the land, pervert the Life Force. Blinded in their race for more energy, more money, more power, the developers miss the most vital point of all. If they don’t respect and cooperate with Nature, but rape and use her for their shortsighted goals, they virtually cut the branch they sit on. Someone has to open their eyes. Robbie is in for one hell of a job.Mana is a funny, thought-provoking, fast paced adventure story, dedicated to all those who love the land and care for the environment . It will show you the world in a different light.

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