Malmfrid: Viking Queens – Book VI

With skilled hand, Frid Ingulstad, takes us nearly a thousand years back in time. Where the sources are silent, the imagination is called on to help – with the proviso that events are plausible. Much has changed since the king’s daughters lived, loved and suffered – both laws and views on human dignity and on women?s life. But people remain the same, ruled by passions and urges, hatred and love.Emperor?s Seat, Constantinopole, 1111Twelve-year-old Malmfrid, daughter of arch-duke Mscislaw Harald of Novogrod, and Kristin, a Swede, tensely awaits meeting her future husband. It?s king Sigurd Jorsalfar, who visits Emperor Alaksy?s court in Constantinopole on his way to Norway from crusade to Holy Land. Malmfrid liked her fiancee and awaited the wedding with joy, dreaming of happy future at Sigurd?s side. She already forgot Seer Pereslavna?a words, who warned her against this marriage.

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