Love & Honor (Bergfoss Saga Book 6)

Book 6 of 20 in the Bergfoss Saga. A contemporary slice-of-life tale set in the Norwegian ski resort town of Bergfoss.

Jorn faces off against the crazed killer, searching desperately for anything that could save his life. At home, Vigdis waits and worries.

While Jorn is fighting for his life, Anette and Ulf are busy getting ready for their wedding day. Beate Strand has insisted on throwing their reception for them, and she wants to make it the finest reception in all of Bergfoss! For the loving couple, all that matters is that they’re finally going to be together.

That, and the wedding night.

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title Elske og ?re (Livet i Bergfoss #6). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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