The killer watched a lonely house in the midst of thick trees. There was not a single torch, there were no guards. Only impenetrable darkness and unbearable silence. Fortunately, the victim’s house was only three hours from Aliso. A wolf howled in the distance. An angry dog?s barking answered. Somewhere near the fox run softly, glaring with his phosphorescent eyes. The killer was unstoppable, once the target was his only focus. Silence and darkness took over the forest. He counted to ten and moved forward. He moved slowly to the south wall of the house and implemented his usual caution, though he knew that solid wood would not let any sound pass. He tied a hood on his head and slipped inside the house. The killer looked at the bed. The sleeping man mumbled in his sleep. “Time to die,” the killer said softly. Gladius fell. It was over.

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