Kristin: Viking Queens – Book VII

With skilled hand, Frid Ingulstad, takes us nearly a thousand years back in time. Where the sources are silent, the imagination is called on to help – with the proviso that events are plausible. Much has changed since the king’s daughters lived, loved and suffered – both laws and views on human dignity and on women?s life. But people remain the same, ruled by passions and urges, hatred and love. Skovly Court, Summer of 1133 Ten-year-old Kristin, daughter of Malmfrid and Norwegian king Sigurd, meets her peer, Jon Loptsson, priest?s son being raised at the royal court. They are inseparable for several summer weeks, then Kristin must flee the country. Despite that, the fate will twine their paths. They meet again five years later. Small and weak Jon grew to be a handsome young man, and Kristin already knows she would never love another. Jon, however isn?t, and never will be, proper candidate for royal daughter?s husband.

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