Hurrem: The Slavic Odalisque (Magnificent Century)

H?rrem is the third part in a saga that became the inspiration for the creators of the ?Magnificent Century? television series.The story, full of love, power, and intrigues, follows the lives of the Sultan?s court, where behind every man, even the most powerful one, stands a woman who knows how to steer him.

Set at the beginning of 16th century, Aleksandra, the small daughter of Russian clergyman, is kidnapped during a barbaric attack on the village. In a remarkable twist of trust, the young girl?s kidnapper becomes her savior, and they quickly establish a father-daughter bond. However, life at the Tatar giant?s side isn?t a good solution for a growing beauty.

Soon, Aleksandra finds herself at the Crimean Khan?s palace, and immediately wins Sultana G?ldane?s heart. The old woman predicts a great future for the Russian girl and eventually sets her out on a journey to meet her destiny.

Aleksandra, sent as a gift from the Crimean Khan to the Ottoman Empire?s Khan, Sultan Sulieman, ends up in the powerful ruler?s harem. There, the Russian odalisque takes on the name Ruslana, and waits weeks to meet the Sultan. Her dream is not only to win Sulieman?s heart but also for power and to rule.
Suleiman eventually becomes infatuated with the red-headed odalisque, and renames her H?rrem ? and so begins the story of a woman who refused to be stopped in her desire for power, and to be remembered forever.

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