Hurrem: The Power Behind the Throne

When politics and love come into play, downfall is just a matter of time. A saga that became an inspiration for creators of ?Magnificent Century? series.Sultana Guldane?s prophecy about Alexandra?s great future begins to come true. Hailing from Rus, odalisque finds herself at Ottoman Empire ruler?s palace. Suleyman doesn?t seem to see world beyond red-haired beauty, whom he named H?rrem. Young woman gets pregnant, and sultan readies for war. When Padishah?s armies besiege Rhodos, H?rrem gives birth to a son in Istanbul. Little prince is second in line to the throne ? Suleyman already has a male heir, who was born to his former favourite, Gulbahar. However, H?rrem will do anything for the tittle of Ottoman throne?s heir came to her child, blood of her blood, and at the same time, she could become the most powerful woman in history. Years of Suleyman?s rule pass, and Russian?s position at Padishah?s side strengthens. H?rrem will do everything to achieve her goal, although she will have to resort to crime more than once. Will delicately woven plan work? And will price for its realization turn out too high?

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