Homecoming: Bergfoss Saga 14

Vilde has made contact with her long-lost grandmother in Austria, and jumps on a plane to go visit her. Roar’s old girlfriend is on her way to surprise him at his wedding. Both just happen to have a stopover in Frankfurt on the way to their various destinations.At home in Skoleveien, Lise waits and worries. Janne’s mission is taking much longer than expected. Finally, he arrives home – but with shocking news that threatens to put their relationship to the test.Samira and Jens have finally found peace together, until an unexpected phone call brings up unpleasant memories. Samira is left feeling trapped and confused. Why did Mansoor call her? What did he want? How did he get her number? Her mother… had he managed to find out that she and her mother were in contact again? Fear overwhelms her every thought, leaving her shaking and struggling to function.

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