Healer, Book II – The Witch

Gifted with extraordinary skills, the healer is able to heal not only physical wounds,but also sadness and worries, he can also slow down the aging of his loved ones and villagers. For this reason, everyone loves him and is grateful for his protection, treating him as a holy and untouchable person. The healer returns from a long journey, from the capital, where he almost lost his life while treating courtiers and royalty. His life is being threatened by Mayene – the demon, the eponymous witch – indestructible, heartless. The healer stands up to fight with her, and the stake in this battle is the lives of his relatives and people around him. He cannot allow anything bad to happen to them, to which he suffers his above-average sensitivity. However, he does not remain alone: ​​he is helped by the reliable friends we met in Part One and some new ones. Everyone is engaged in a hard and ruthless fight against evil, which involves many victims.


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