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Healer, Book I – Shadows of the Past

The healer – Vivan – has the gift of feeling moods, he can clearly feel when something bad is happening in his environment, sucking out of him the will to live. It is destined to save others, give them hope and lift them up from their fall. In the castle he was enveloped in the darkness of evil, scheming and hidden murders. All this brought him to the brink of endurance. Fortunately, his brother, Paphian, came to the rescue. A coincidence of various circumstances dragged other people into the whirl of saving the most important man of the country at that time. The author involved people from … House of Pleasure, the local brothel. They became Vivan’s most faithful friends. Thanks to them, the healer regained his dignity and saved his life.

Life outside the castle is the darkest scenario for mankind. The plague takes away the feeling of humanity. Mentally weak individuals become bandits and murderers. In order to save their lives, they want to sacrifice others, they reveal the worst feelings, animal instincts, and the pursuit of satisfying their desires. It is not easy to survive this hell on your own, maintaining your sense of dignity and lifting all life. The heroes fight, finding friends among unusual groups of people in the most unexpected moments and nobility where they least expect it.


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