For Love (Bergfoss Saga Book 10)

In the wake of the accident, Jorn hovers between life and death. The doctors fight to save his life, while Sara and Vigdis teeter between hope and despair.

Henning and Oscar are working on remodeling Robber Vollen. Both are looking forward to moving in at the end, but something is bothering Henning.

?ge Skj?rsvik, the doomsday prophet, has destroyed the town?s confidence in the church and left a mass of questions that need answers. Anette is forced to spend long hours struggling to deal with the aftermath, and feels guilty for not spending enough time with her family. She and Ulf have so much going on in their lives ? too much ? and that seems to be the only thing they agree on.

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title For kj?rligheten (Livet i Bergfoss #10). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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