Flower of Hope (Bergfoss Saga Book 12)

The peace in Bergfoss is turned on its head by the mysterious disappearance of a young girl. It?s especially difficult for Henning Vage, because his youngest brother, Marius, a suspect.

The sheriff?s office receives a flood of tips and information, but few turn out to be any help in solving the mystery. In fact, some of them seem to be leading them further and further away from the truth.

He hadn?t threatened her or forced her in any way. Everything had seemed to be going well, until he?d moved to embrace her and she?d protested. Luckily, he?d had the foresight to buy a blue tarpaulin and several roles of tape, which were still in the back seat. He saw nothing wrong with what he?d done. No, quite the opposite. She?d come to him, and that gave him the right to do whatever he pleased to her.

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