Fateful Night (Bergfoss Saga Book 4)

The Bergfoss Saga is a story packed with colorful characters and rich, complex feelings: love and hate, longing and suffering, great joy and intense sadness. Simply speaking, Bergfoss is a reflection of life itself.

Anette and Ulf have given up on trying to hide their feelings from the world. There?s a lot of gossip in Bergfoss about the relationship blossoming between the pastor and the mechanic, but as always there are plenty of other interesting topics to talk about. Adults, so busy with their own affairs, don?t always notice the problems their children are forced to face as they grow up.

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title Skjebnenatt (Livet i Bergfoss #4). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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