Fatal Meeting (Original Sin) (Volume 1)

The Original Sin Saga is the product of best-selling author Anne-Lise Boge, and follows the dramatic life of Mali Buvik in early twentieth century Norway.A peasant girl born on a small, struggling farm, Mali dreams of finding true love in a world where so few women are allowed to follow their hearts. Her family?s farm is failing, though, and she is forced to marry the son of a wealthy landowner to save her family from a life of poverty ? or worse. How bad could it be? Johan Stornes is significantly older than her and isn?t anything special to look at, but he has the money to save her family and he loves her to the point of obsession. She doesn?t return his affections, but as marriages go the match definitely seems to be in her favour. Or so she thinks, until her wedding night.Her husband?s toxic obsession and brutal demands soon turn her life into a living nightmare. As if that weren?t bad enough, her new mother-in-law takes every opportunity to show her how much she hates her, and her best friend may have fallen pregnant in the worst of circumstances. Still, the dream of true love beats within her heart, poignant, vibrant, and desperate to be touched.The path to sin begins with the arrival of a band of travellers, led by a handsome charmer by the name of Gypsy-Jo?Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title Skjebnem?te (Arvesynd, #1). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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