A reporter who cannot sort out his love life, treats his work in the field as an escape from the problems. It is his difficult childhood that is the source of the problems. Intrigued by the mystery of an almost completely remote village on the edge of the world, where the natives are hostile towards strangers (or even their family members who live in other towns), he decides to check what is really going on there. After his arrival, he discovers that the town is empty? but as time passes by, he meets few hostile natives.

At night, however? at night they return: strangely apathetic, silent, as if without contact with reality, and very dangerous when needed. Are they infected with a disease? Is this a Sect? Or maybe something more?

In the darkness of the night, hiding from strange people, the reporter is doing his best to figure out the mystery, sneaking into the very center of the town, where the solution of the puzzle is hidden. Standing face to face with real danger, he undergoes an internal journey, trying to find out who he really is and where he is going to.

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