Encounter (Bergfoss Saga Book 1)

The Bergfoss Saga is a story packed with colorful characters and rich, complex feelings: love and hate, longing and suffering, great joy and intense sadness. Simply speaking, Bergfoss is a reflection of life itself.

Anette Borge is a remarkable woman: a pastor and single mother to a teenage girl, Vilde. The two of them move into small mountain town named Bergfoss, where they must find a place for themselves and try to make new friends. Unfortunately, not all the residents of Bergfoss are happy to accept the new pastor, and soon dark clouds begin to gather. When she?s finds herself under attack by a group of aggressive youths, she?s saved by a mysterious, handsome defender: Ulf Veide, a man whose reputation is not the greatest ? and a man who no woman seems to be able to resist?

Originally published in Norwegian by Cappelen Damm, under the title F?rste M?te (Livet i Bergfoss #1). Translated to English with permission of both author and publisher.

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