Dream Coaching The Way To Fulfillment
Dream Coaching The Way To Fulfillment
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Dream Coaching: The Way To Fulfillment

Does your personal and professional life look exactly like you want?
If your answer is “no,? then definitely reach for this book!
Why? Because it is much more valuable than reading about personal development. This book invites you to an intimate journey into yourself, during which you will be challenged to think creatively so that you can discover and maximize your enormous potential.
You will understand what you want more of in your life whether it be – love, joy, money, independence, health, motivation, peace … and you will learn how to achieve it.
You will learn to reject what limits you and to strengthen what is right for you. You will learn the principles of dream coaching and experience its powerful influence. You will answer the questions that will help you make the right decisions and will give you the courage to act. You will read inspirational stories and learn what to do to be successful. You will believe in yourself and your abilities, increase your strength and commitment, and all this so that you can achieve what is most important to you.
You deserve a happy life, and Edyta will tell you how to do it.

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