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Cleopatra’s Passions: The Secret Life Of The Queen Of The Nile

Ancient Egypt: A country of courtly intrigues, money, power, politics, magic, and above all, love. The time? The reign of the brilliant lady Pharaoh. The place? The richest city in the world, Alexandria.Questions about the love life of Queen Cleopatra have intrigued throughout the ages. How did she lose her virginity? What kind of education did she receive in the arts of love? Was she truly the greatest courtesan of ancient times? How did she manage to win the love of the greatest Roman leaders of their times, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony ? and more importantly, how did she manage to keep it?This novel unfolds the secret history of one of the most famous women of Ancient Egypt. A woman who was strong, brilliant, and well-educated, raised from childhood to govern and maintain Egypt?s independence, and bold enough to retreat from nothing. Learn how she used her knowledge, skills, and every advantage at her disposal to rise to the top in a world dominated by men.

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