Burn The Witch

“Burn The Witch” reads very smoothly and pleasantly which is due to fairly light language used in the novel, as well as specific, sarcastic humor. Sanika is pleasantly feisty, her statements often bring smile to face, although there are also elements of darkness or passing from irony into grim truth. Magda Kubasiewicz?s world sucked me in completely. It was great to read it riding a bus through Krakow?s streets, or sit in one of Bracka Street caf?s, and imagine that it was there that Sanika likes to walk at night, and chase demons and monsters away. “Burn The Witch” is a book that has not failed expectations and its dynamics, unpredictability and climate are just some of the many advantages. I would recommend as a light, a familiar fantasy read. After reading it, we all wish it wasn?t just a fantasy. Sara Veronika Sokolska called Sanika by her friends, serves as Polania?s First Witch, which means, in short, she is responsible for the security of the state and its residents. However, Sanika is not gentle and kind sorceress. The witch is just as wild and unbridled as the magic she wields. Magic Lodge would like to see someone else in that position. Obliging, easy to handle and prone to cooperation. And above all, someone who had finished a proper university. Nobody knew why, King Julian trusts this uneducated foundling so much. When dark clouds gather over the city, and its residents are in mortal danger, because someone dared to break protective enchantments, steal artifacts, and attack Wawel?s Dragon?other magicians wash their hands off the matter. First Witch stands alone on the battlefield?Sara Veronika Sokolska is Polania?s First Witch, elected to this honorable but thankless position during the reign of His Majesty Julian Lukomski. The position is as lucrative as problematic, especially if there is no support from the Magic Lodge. And no formal education from Magical Department at a proper university. But Sanika is a wild, untamed and extremely stubborn element and her magic is rather difficult to stand against. Which is great, because Krakow ? her city – is under attack. Someone destroys the artifacts, which are magical guardians of the capital until only Sara remains to protect it. Her powers are as dark as her opponent?s, but how does she use them?

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