Bridge Between the Worlds

Meet David, a guy with a killer personality and classmates who bully him for being a nerd. None could see the potential that was hidden within him. As the summer comes, David and his sister go to their Grandmother?s house in the country.An alien reconnaissance starship finds David and once the space beings realize his potential, they refuse to let it go to waste. It is there that his life has changed forever and things will never be the same.On the far planet, David meets Hella, Migo and Sparkie and together they grow, mature and learn the secrets of the universe. To graduate to adulthood they must complete Twelve Herculean Tasks which are designed to test their knowledge, bravery and versatility. Each task involved a challenge for them to accomplish on a distant planet or asteroid. Will they solve the mystery of the ancient ruins? Will they capture the pirates? Will they conquer the Furies, or will they perish before they can disarm the beasts? Will they be able to save Princess Liss o?Diss from captivity? Will David conquer her heart?

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