900 Genie: Be Careful What You Wish For

ALADDINCOMES TO BEVERLY HILLSTreasure hunter and grave robber, Randy Connor, gets his lucky break when he finds a Cave of Wonders. Mastering seven genies is not an easy task, especially if one of them is a Beast, one a parrot, one a raging teenager.From his new headquarters in Beverly Hills Randy plots revenge on his brother Rick, LAPD inspector, who put him behind bars years back. Genies have their code of honor and revenge is not on the list of wishes they can grant. Randy, annoyed by their lack of cooperation, puts them to work in his “900 GENIE” service, which soon becomes the talk of the town. Everyone wants to have their wishes fulfilled, instantly, effortlessly.Get a million dollars, meet your soulmate, become a Sex God/Goddess, stop your dog from peeing on the carpet – no wish is too big or too small. They are all just a phone call away.WARNING! Be careful what you wish for. You sure will get it.

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