Imagine never having to worry about money again. Living a life of pure pleasure, success after success, held back by nothing but your own desires. You live a mile above the ground in the most technologically-advanced city in the world, with a breath-taking view of all the unfortunates who have to live on the ground below.Then, one day without warning, you?re no longer welcome there.Robert Welkin could never prepare himself for what awaited him beyond the walls of heavenly Ketra. He?d spent his whole life within the safe, structured cocoon that is the world above, never having to develop anything that resembled a survival instinct. But, he refuses to give up. Supported by a government-assigned psychotherapist, he delves into this new world on a quest to get his life back on track. Unfortunately, his options are limited, and the only one willing to give him a chance is one of the underworld?s most powerful gang bosses.Is freedom really worth the cost?

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