Strangers: Anthology of Poetry

Poems in the Strangers Anthology of Poetry are more than a simple overflow of mystical experience; they are an artistic creation of the highest craftsmanship as well. Nonetheless, the divine tone that pervades Maria?s work undeniably owes its presence also to the mystical experience.Maria didn?t learn about poetry and practiced composing her own poems. It all happened one night, when some window in the universal fabric opened and the poems started pouring down, one after another, keeping her awake all night. By morning she was exhausted but had a big stack of notes taken during this outbreak of creativity.Out of the heavenly character of Maria?s poetry, flows love and hope, and we can?t help noting that the inspiration didn?t seem to be of this world. Always turning within as a tool for expressing her own experience, Maria does not surprise us by the way her exalted poetry resonates with the Universal Love. This inspired feeling is always a primary source for her.Discovering in poetry a means for celebrating mystical insights and other special occasions, she introduced to her readers the profound concepts in the form of verses. In addition, like a greeting card, poems represent for her a simple way of sending a special message to her readers.She came to realize that these symbolic expressions of poetry could also provide an excellent introduction into the intimate knowledge of the mystery of the Soul. In some of her poems Maria contemplates the great secrets of the Divine; in the rest she speaks of her own spiritual experiences, which also bear an inspiring content.The poems sing of the happiness that comes from life in harmony with the Soul, detachment, and a love that grows in deep knowledge and connection with the infinite.

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