Author Picture

Robert Przybylski

He was born in Września in Wielkopolska in 1980. He is a zodiacal Gemini also has a twin brother and an older sister. . In high school, he wrote short literary forms that were published in school newsletters.He published in the Australian magazine The Big Issue, essays plus his own photographs. A positive response from the Australian publishing house encouraged the author to continue his creative work in the field of photography as well as developing himself in the field of writing. He worked in various places and in various professions, he was looking for his way.
He hoped he found her. He lives in a small Warmian village in Poland. He deals with the family renovation of an old farm. He writes and photographs the nature of Warmia and Mazury, which is an invariable mystery and inspiration for him. He has beloved dogs and cats. He enjoys outdoor work and sports activities.

Honors from Winning Writers, Inc.