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Robert K. Lesniakiewicz

Robert Konstanty Leśniakiewicz (born 1956 in Szamotuły) - Polish writer, translator and publicist, ufologist and researcher of other phenomena from the so-called "borderline knowledge", also deals with environmental protection. A graduate of the High Military School in Wroclaw. Ret. Capt. of the Border Protection Forces - WOP (1975-1991) and Border Guard - SG RP (1991-1994), civil specialty - forestry. He currently lives in Jordanów.

From 1987, a member of the Space Contact Club and the Center for Research on Anomalous Phenomena in Krakow and a correspondent member of the Brazilian Centro Brasiliero de Pesquisas de Discos Voladores (since 2007), vice president of the Society of Jordanow Land Lovers, member of the Internet Club of Mushroom Lovers Darz Grzyb.

As part of his literary activity, he collaborated with the monthly magazines: "Granica" (1987-91), "Sphinx" (1989-91), "UFO" (1990-1998), "Eco World" (1994-2000), "Unknown World (from 1991) - for and co-edited (together with Bronisław Rzepecki) the quarterly 'Wizje Peripheral', 'Czas UFO' and 'Świat UFO' (1997-2000), for which he wrote hundreds various articles and translations from English, Russian, Czech, Slovak and Swedish. He also co-edits the regional quarterly 'Echo Jordanowa'. He collaborated with Andrzej Zalewski as part of the Ekoradio broadcast of Polish Radio 1. He collaborates and cooperates with Slovak writer and scientist Dr. Milos Jesensky PhD, who is co-author some books by him.